RevaHome products are made in Jaipur, India. Also named the Pink City. We work closely with a family business chosen for their high skills in this trade. See below the carving of the wooden blocks and the printing procedure.

Block printing has been used in India since ancient times. The designs are hand-carved onto wooden blocks using fine chisels, each colour has its own block. Best quality dye is applied to the block, then manually printed on the textile. This traditional technique has been passed down through generations for centuries with the main production in India, Jaipur, “The pink city”.

We work closely with a family business chosen for its superior skills and fine workmanship. The fabric is high quality, organic cotton percale, 250TC, with yarns spun of very long fibres, making it exceptionally soft, crisp and long lasting.

Slight variations will occur in colours and prints, due to the manual work which brings vitality and beauty to every piece. No child labour is involved in RevaHome products, 100% certified organic cotton, simply GREAT IN BED.



We wanted to create something that was truly GREAT IN BED and therefor our main product is the bottom sheet. We make it in many patterns and colours to offer endless possibilities in the bedroom. To top it off, we match it with a solid colour duvet, a quick shake and the bedroom looks neat and tidy in an instant. Turn down the duvet and you get a delightful surprise as you climb in to bed.

In our range we also have flat bed sheets in all beautiful solid colours.

To boost creativity in the bedroom we have a large range of pillowcases. Change it and you transform the entire look of the bedroom. It is also an inexpensive way to sneek in a new style. How can it be anything but GREAT IN BED? 


If the flat sheet does the singing, the duvet plays the music. It comes in eight great colours to coordenate the solid sheets and match the printed designs. The elegant piping and ties, in complementing colours makes it a pleasure to change the linen every time. It is simply GREAT IN BED.

To make our range GREAT IN BED each piece is meticulously crafted, including the inside finish. The superior quality gives the fabric a lovely hand and lasting performance. You get to play and be creative with the great patterns and colour.

The duvet comes with elegant piping and tie ribbons in complementing colour. The pillowcase is also accented with piping and an opening with generous overlap to keep the pillow in place. The flat sheets are gracefully finished with wide hems and diagonally stitched corners.

Every item comes in its own bag with tasseled cords matching the content’s fabric, design and colour.


Our bed linen is made from the best quality organic cotton fiber, which is woven into a long lasting, soft and beautiful percale with a thread count of 250-270 TC.

The colours of our prints are fixed using a natural resin. In order to preserve the colours of the block prints as long as possible we recommend a washing on a maximum temperature of 40°C. All our dyed products can be washed in 60°C without fading or loss of colour.

It is important to use a mild detergent without added bleach, whiteners or softeners. Stretch seams well, fold, hang to dry and iron lightly before totally dry for best results.

Tumble-drying is not recommended, but if used, it should be on a low heat and removed before completely dry to avoid wrinkles, then fold firmly.